High quality build, including forged internals (list below) on a factory ’04 SE, with only 97,340kms. Being factory turbo model, with this many kms, would fetch $25k in stock form. 6sp manual, with LSD

Currently making 350rwhp @ 19psi on e85. Engine built strong and can handle more if you choose to up the boost.

Accelerates, brakes and handles amazingly. One of the most intense cars I’ve owned, but don’t have the time to properly enjoy. Low mounted turbo, very stealth and unsuspecting setup. Not interested in swaps.

Rebuilt forged engine with approx 1,000km on it
-Supertech pistons
-Manley rods
-ARP bolts
-ACL race bearings
-Boundary engineering Billet oil pump
-ARP head studs cosmetic head gasket

-Garret GTX2863R
-Adaptronic PNP ecu
-ID 1050x injectors
-Walbro 460 fuel pump
-Upgraded radiator
-Upgraded intercooler
-Nitro Dan clutch
-MX5 Mania short shifter

-Konig flow forged wheels with Hankook RS4 tyres
-Oil catch cans x2
-Battery relocated to the boot with Killswitch
-2x fuel jerry cans & mounts in boot for extended range