2001 R34GTR

Pearl White 103,xxxkms verified

Grade 4BFull set of service books and manuals Complied and ready to register

Amazing rails and jacking points this is the one you want if you’re planning on a GTR to store away for future appreciation

No rips tears deformation the seat bolsters, beautiful unmarked plastics, cold climate control – its as good as you will get. Give it a detail and polish the Intakes and you have a car that can sit alongside the best of them.

I selected this car coz in my eyes its a pretty perfect streeter as it is proper clean and it has the highly desirable Nismo aero package and some small additions to help it breathe and perform better. The list reads like this:

Nismo S-Tune front bar

Nismo Z-Tune front guards

V-Spec lower front splitter

Nismo S-Tune side skirt extensions

Nismo S-Tune rear bar aprons

Nismo rear wheel arch flares

Nismo tail lamps

Nismo carbon fiber wing blade

Nismo white face 320kph instrument cluster

Nismo O.G Matte black LMGT4 18×10.5

Trust intake kit

Trust intercooler piping

Trust exhaust

Ohlins coilovers

HKS EVC electronic boost controller

Sparco steering wheel (contemplating a change to a Nardo Gara 3)

Nismo GT500 gearknob (in transit)

Can come on 20inch gold GTCs if you prefer that hot boii look

Located Brisbane Happy to assist with transport worldwide